Scans from Monogatari Series Heroine Book Volume 5 - Senjougahara Hitagi - full size in the source

Ever since the second semester started, Senjougahara and Hanekawa suddenly started getting along… they won’t eat lunch with me.
Araragi Koyomi, lamenting the fact that his girlfriend and his friend with benefits won’t associate with him. (via skyholic)


Oikura Sodachi in the new monogatari novel 

Apparently multiplying yourself is a cool thing now.

Apparently multiplying yourself is a cool thing now.


Okay, so you have the account. How do you find the pictures you are looking for?

First, I’ll go back to a concept that perhaps I should have added to the last one.

Say you are logged out.


So click login


And this pops up. It’s not a new window, it just opens on the same screen. This is…


Brief tutorial on how to extract images from animated Pixiv submissions for downloading/making gifs:

  1. Go to an animated Pixiv submission page such as this.
  2. Firefox: Menu > Developer > Page Source
    Chrome: Menu > Tools > Page Source
  3. Ctrl+F and search for “zip”, and look for the download…